Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Casey Abrams..... Doppelganger

I present for your opinion.

Casey Abrams:

 The Manah Manah Guy from Sesame Street:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 13

We're BAAAAACK!  Sorry this is two days late - lost my internet!!!!!

Hopefully I can keep this up.  Being unemployed helps of course ;)

Let's meet your judges!!!!

I gotta say it.  Loving the judges this year.  Major improvement.  AND... let it be said that with 13 performers and ALL 3 judges commenting on every performance, they actually managed to end the show a little EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh Uncle Nigel, my DVR thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we started off the night with Lauren.  Lauren is 17.  I had a soapbox to get on for a moment.  I don't think kids under 18 should be allowed on this show.  They're just too young, and this experience is just too much.  If they are talented now, they'll still be talented in a few years.  Lauren didn't really rock it and she took the judges comments MUCH too much to heart.

 Casey.  Is adorable.  Side story.  Once when Gert was about 4 years old I was getting dressed to go someplace and she said "Oh mommy!  You're so edible!!!!"  She meant adorable... cracked me up.  Casey is a VERY talented musician and just a cutie.  And he was channeling some SERIOUS Joe Cocker.  WOW.  Love this kid.

Ashton - I can't say I'm much of a Diana Ross fan, and I didn't know this one for sure.  She sang it.. well... but I was just kinda... meh...about it.  She had the Diana hair down though!

Paul.  Mmmm... love me some Paul.  He's got a very distinct and interesting voice.  And kind of a quirky mover... well... a very quirky mover.  Gotta say though - his performance was 7 shades of pitchy.  Gotta get over that Paul, so you can stick around.

Pia - Yeah - I'm loving this girl.  I think she's my top girl.  GREAT voice, and enough life experience (well...s she's 22) to make the songs more than just the words.  I get the feeling this girl can rock, and be REALLY gentle too.  I'm liking this one. 

Adam James - I know lots of people like this kid... and I feel bad NOT liking him cause he's battled some demons to get to this point, but I just don't know that he understands that not EVERY song has to be screamed.  He's just not my thing.   

Haley - I think there's been a Haley every season since... um... forever!  This one is cute, and is a good singer, but I don't see her winning this thing.  She got the dreaded "We need to find out who you are as an artist" talk from the judges.  And while we're talking about that that... let's have 2 small judge rants.  The first one is this very topic "you sang Rhianna last week and Leann Rhymes this week and now we don't know who you are" v. "You keep singing the same kind of music, let us see your range".  Judges... you gotta pick one.  You can't have this one both ways.   Judge Rant #2 - Randy said something to a contestant the other day "Dude, if you're going to do a cover song...." and then went on about something, but I was so thrown by that first part.  DUDE - EVERY SONG ON THIS SHOW IS A COVER SONG.  Duh!  At any rate... I don't see Haley staying a long time.

Jacob - Sigh.  Jacob can sing.  He puts everything he has into it.  I just ... don't.... like it.  It's just, again, not my thing.  Very talented though.  And his tie was plaid.  I like that.

Thia - Thia is 16 and another one who is going to get eaten up by this experience.  Plus...she's got a nasty attitude.  EVERY time the camera pans over her, she looks bored to TEARS, and then when she realizes the camera is on her, she gives this REALLY fake smile and it disappears usually before the camera is off her.  I'm sorry... I just don't care for this one.
 Stefano - I had heard some grumblings online that Stefano wouldn't be able to run with the rest of the guys.  Um.  WRONG.  He kicked it.  He sang Stevie Wonder's "Lately" but kinda remixed it to almost a dance mix, and it was AWESOME.

 Karen - Karen sang "I Could Fall In Love" by Selena.  You know... Selena.  The person who Jennifer Lopez got her big break portraying?  Ballsy movie Karen.  It started much to low for her, presumably so she could hit the big notes, but the low notes were painful.

Scotty - Scotty is also a teenager, and while he seems more mature than the under 18 girls, I still would be ok if he were to come back in a couple years.  But... he's here now.  And MAN does he sing low.  Wow.  He did a pretty good job.  And he looks a lot like the guy from Mad Magazine.

Were you worried that they would stop having the pimp spot?  Well, worry no more.  It's alive and... well.  Naima got it and got way more "production" than anyone else during the evening.  She sang "Umbrella" and got rain and lightning choreographed to her dance moves.  But she did it well.  She's quirky.  And fun to draw.

WARNING - SPOILER BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... wanna know who went home?  Ashton.  Ashton, Lauren & Haley were in the bottom 3, and Ashton went home.  Not too surprising.